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Educational Edition of Minecraft arrives in the month of November

Minecraft’s Education Edition will be launching officially on November 1st, after many test runs. Once the platform goes live, a certain amount membership fees will be charged. Till November, the service of the Early Access Edition is free. 

At the beginning of the summer, over 35,000 teachers and students are joined in playing in Minecraft’s sandbox from all over the world, as per the Minecraft Edu Team. 

New education-focused feature like ‘Classroom Mode’ is built by the team, along with the official release. This offers a top to bottom view of the Minecraft world by using a companion app. 
Many features are available in the app for the teachers such as talking to students’ in-game, exchanging of items, management of world settings, teleporting the kids throughout the map from a single interface. 

Education edition will have many new features added, with the pace of time due to the as the evolution of Minecraft world. The educators are welcome to provide ideas, feedback and features. 

Get connected with other educators through the mentoring program. Teachers who have not yet stepped into the world of Minecraft’s blocks, have the option to go through the offers such as free lesson plans, storytelling, tutorials on subjects like storytelling, city building, etc on page. 

For the use of Minecraft: Education Edition you will require Windows 10 or OS X along with a free account of Office 365.

Posted on 26 Sep , 2016 by QBreaker


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