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Workload Management software Was Disclosed by IBM

IBM’s brand new product called Spectrum Computing which is known to be an intelligent resource and workload management software. The software is made to help the organization for extracting the valuable data which will help to  speed up the performance intensive analytics. For the cognitive features of the software, it boosts the existing computing resources for better utilization.

The software assists an organization for sharing a resource on the cloud or hybrid environments as well as consolidation of data centre infrastructure.
It can deliver up to 60% faster analytical results and can work with cloud applications and open source framework. This work is collaboratively developed over two years by the IBM Developers and clients for taking the analytics to the next generation.

CIO, Red Bull Racing says “The workload management software will help to achieve good performance against our brilliant computing and data intensive applications. We can achieve more with little resources, infrastructure and administration”.    

Posted on 12 Jul , 2016 by QBreaker


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