Advantages of QBreaker

QBreaker™ administers colleges, teachers and students with active learning technologies that induce quality learning through effective participation of teachers and students. QBreaker™ brings forth a new way of education that transcends physical boundaries of colleges. With an integrated learning platform, learning becomes easy and fun too.

User Friendly

  Since this college management system software has been designed with a basic level of interface, use of QBreaker™ just requires a basic know-how of computers. Mastering it is just a matter of few minutes.

Web based

  As QBreaker™ is a web-based smart software for college, it can be accessed from anywhere. No need to spend an entire day in downloading or installing it. Just sign in and it's all yours.

An Adaptable Chameleon

  Just like a chameleon blends with its background, QBreaker™ also blends with the look, feel and system of any college. This unique administrative software for college not only imparts a distinguished look to your college, but it also adapts easily with the workflow of a college.

Addictive Features

  Sleek design and addictive features make QBreaker™ stand out from the crowd. We have ensured that active learners can spend quality hours here in learning, searching and socializing as well.

Simplified, Powerful Communication System

  Simplification of communication is one thing that most colleges crave for. With QBreaker's messaging and networking services, colleges can finally heave a sigh of relief. There is no need to worry about unsent mails or spams, as long as you have this private collage management software.

Safe, Secure and Sound

  QBreaker's applications are completely safe and secured. Its protected environment ensures that no one can create nuisance with confidential information about colleges, teachers and students.

Be Influential

  With the help of this educational software for college, academic organizations can create and induce unique learning methods. This in turn will help colleges to create a unique impact on society, thereby becoming more influential.

Curb Budget Crunches

  QBreaker™ aims at doing more with less. It works at an extremely affordable pay-as-you-use model so that colleges can cut down costs without cutting down on quality.

One Package for All

  Charges for using QBreaker™ are not only nominal, but they are also unbiased. One package applies for all. There is no complexity of pricing packages as there is one package for all colleges.

No Maintenance Headaches

  To maximize QBreaker's use, we provide you with hosting and integration services. Besides, this software for college management also provides lifelong on-site and off-site support and resources to eliminate maintenance headaches.

Increased Exposure

  With tech-mediated activities and well-connected platform, students and teachers can increase their reach and exposure beyond college campus. Enhanced exposure of students and teachers will ultimately benefit member colleges.

Active Participation of Students

  Educators can increase participation of their students through this classroom management software by sharing resourceful materials with them. Teachers can also share interesting multimedia links that will arouse students' interests and will motivate them to engage more in class.

Get to Know Your Students Better

  With QBreaker™, teachers can interact with their students beyond the classroom walls. This can come in extremely handy in establishing strong relationships with students and motivate them to perform better.

Stay Updated

  Notices and college news are meant for teachers too. QBreaker™ instantly notifies professors about important changes and exam schedules.

Maximize Class Time

  Our digital tools of teaching and learning software application enable professors to maximize their class time. They have provision to upload notes and maintain attendance in QBreaker™. Such features cut down their time on unnecessary time-consuming activities and augment teacher-student engagement.

Increase Learning Outcome

  Both traditional and tech-mediated teaching methods have their own advantages. QBreaker™ allows professors to combine both these methods and help students to master core concepts rather than just mugging things up.

Stay Organized

  QBreaker™ equips teachers with tools that enable them to be free from web of papers. Teachers do not need to rummage around for papers anymore because with the knowledge management software applications, they can organize exam reports, schedules and timetables with utmost ease.

Know Who Adores You

  With QBreaker™, educators can know how well they gel with students since students can leave their reviews on their teachers' profile. Teachers can know who adore them and can also use the reviews in improving their teaching techniques.

Keep a Watch on Syllabus

  QBreaker™ provides teachers with the facility to track syllabuses. Teachers can even create sub-units so that they can keep themselves aware of covered and uncovered topics.

No More Running and Scurrying

  Students! No need to run and scurry for notes anymore. With QBreakers’ task management software, you can get all educational content at one place. Notes, assignments, previous years papers – everything is just a click away from you.

Rate Your Teachers

  With QBreaker™, students can help teachers to improve their teaching skills by leaving reviews on their profiles. Do you know the best part about this? Students remain anonymous.

Maintain Cordial Relationships

  Socialize with your teachers and senior college mates through the teaching and learning application of QBreaker™. Get to know them well and maintain healthy relationships with them.

24*7 Accessibility

  Learning becomes much easier when you study materials are accessible to you anytime. QBreaker™ offers you this facility so that you are able to learn at your own pace and in your own way.

Save Time and Money

  Printing work requires both time and money. With this learning management system software, students can save their precious time as well as money. No need to stand in long queues of printing shops. Get more time for your studies and hobbies.

Connect with Intellects

  QBreaker™ provides you a wonderful chance to connect with intellects through participation in group discussions. What's more? If your opinions get noticed, then your name flashes as a WINNER.

Sharing is Caring

  Have you any great business idea? Share it with everyone at QBreaker™, as it is the best knowledge sharing software. You can also find other fabulous idea like yours at our platform and who knows? You can even become the next big entrepreneur.

Plan Your Career with Vacations

  Surprised? Don't be because QBreaker™ makes it possible. Explore section is at your service where you can get updates on job opportunities as well as find ways to plan your vacations.