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Kolkata Flyover Collapsed 25 killed and Several Injured

Kolkata had experienced a dreadful day yesterday, 31st March. From morning it was a normal day like any other month ends. People were rushing towards office; students were hurrying for their schools- the city picture is as same as every day. But on the mid-noon the city of joy shivered with terror and ear-splitting sound of explosion. One of the under-construction flyovers of Kolkata had been collapsed. 

It was the Vivekananda Setu. It happened near the famous Ganesh Talkies in north Kolkata's Girish Park area. Those who know the area can imagine how crowded it is. There are a range of shops, office, and market place in this area, generally over flooded with working class people. At first near about 500 people were trapped under the debris, including personal cars, cabs and some minibuses too. Uncountable people were severely injured and taken to the hospital, among few of them were declared as dead. Officially 25 people are declared dead, though there are still a large number of people are trapped under the bridge. The central rescue team is working on the situation. 

The police have sealed the Kolkata office of IVRCL Infrastructure, the implementing organization of Kolkata’s Vivekananda Road Flyover. Previously, the Kolkata police had lodged an FIR with charges of murder against this Hyderabad-based company, whose chief articulated the mishap as an “act of God”. The investigating team, recruit by the government, has found that the IVRCL so far has been blacklisted twice. 

Now the question is who will take the responsibility of this mishap? Unofficially, it is stated that near about 200 hundred people have been killed due to this accident. Most of them are young workers, women and children. Social media is flooded with heartfelt condolence. Young students are arranging blood donation camp to help the wounded. Kolkata civilians are working hand in hand with the central rescue team to speed up the rescue operation. It seems, maybe we are diverse in political opinion, cultural perception and believes, our hearts beat together. Maybe there is a bit of humanity left apart from the political quarrel and communal debates.                      

Posted on 01 Apr , 2016 by QBreaker


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