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How to Learn the Native Language While Studying in Abroad

So you’ve determined to study abroad in a place thousands of miles away from your home, and you can’t speak a single word of the native tongue. First of all the good news is you’re not the first one who chose this path. There are so many people who studied in abroad, doing jobs and even making homes. The only solution of this problem is to learn a new language.

Build self confidence: The first and foremost thing for learning a new language is to believe that you can learn. You have to build up the confidence that you have the ability to adopt new culture and as well as adopt a new language. It is utterly a psychological factor, but it is something that you must have to attain at first. 

Start learning before leaving: It is best to start exploring the language before leaving the country. Make sure yourself that a language problem does not spoil the excitement of the new arrival. 

Watch foreign films: Language classes are necessary indeed, but I’ll specially recommend you to watch films in that language. Films are not just a doorway to attain the very language, but it also represents the culture of that particular country. It can be useful to bring forth a fair introduction of their culture, society, food habits, rituals and many other significant things that you should know before going to that state.

Continue learning: Do not stop the language learning process even after reaching the abroad. You may continue with reading the local newspaper regularly, visiting to market and attending parties to interact with people. Try to avoid the international language and make your conversation in the local language. 

Short sentences: At first, start with small and simple sentences. Always keep the thing in mind that you are not expected to speak fluently as you are from the other country. Everyone knows it. So don’t be ashamed of incorrect pronunciation and faulty grammar.

Lean basic statements: There are always some basic statements, which we have to use in ordinary interaction. Learn those basic things at first, like asking someone for an address, introducing yourself as a student, answering someone about your country and background. For an instance, ‘I’m from Denver’ is in Spanish will be like that ‘soy de Denver’. I mean this kind of basic ones. 

Do not lose hope: Lastly and perhaps most importantly, do not lose hope to learn a new language. Sometimes it will be too tough, and sometimes it will be frustrating. But at the end you must have success. So, keep trying. 

The world famous linguistic philosopher Noam Chomsky believes that we all have a common grammatical faculty within ourselves. He named it Universal Grammar (UG), which is intrinsic and invariable to human minds. We can learn foreign languages with the help of our UG faculty. So, it’s possible. Go ahead with your language learning.      

Posted on 13 Apr , 2016 by QBreaker


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