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Delhi NCR School Takes Initiative to Reformulate the Education System

Few schools such as The Heritage, Pathways and Genesis Global have taken the first step for adventure-based learning with Youreka which is intended to build leadership attitudes and self-confidence. The above mention prestigious institutes are few of them who are growing with an axiom that students learn best on their own, if given a chance. With Youreka, the schools are going to conduct 3-5 day adventure based learning program for the students of class 4 to class 12. Program Purpose: ·    

The schedule of the program contains a series of the outdoor tasks and individual & group activities which result in group sharing and self-reflection.

The students can explore to work and lead others in a group, know social responsibility, turns out to be self-confident and disciplined.
Founder and CEO of Youreka have said that nature plays an important part in our life, especially for a child growing up in the concretized environment. Near to nature can reduce stress, hyperactivity and increase energy and alertness which are a common problem in urban areas. Youreka’s four stage syllabus includes the following: For Delhi region, the camps are sited in wonderful areas of Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh for organizing the outdoor program.

1.       Phase I: “I am” – Focusing on the individual to know themselves better by getting an idea of their emotions and likes or dislikes.

2.       Phase II: “I feel” – Concentrate on how their relationships work for others and their view on working in a team.

3.       Phase III:  “I can” – Focusing, how can they help themselves to deal with their choices? And handling consequences and building skills

4.       Phase IV: “I will” – Make them teach how to take responsibilities and making decisions.

There are various modules for every class as per the student’s requirement at a particular stage. Mainly it consists of self- awareness, teamwork, courage building, taking responsibilities, problem-solving skills, taking up targets etc. Youreka works with thousands of schools and students for empowering them to deal with real life problems.

Posted on 19 Jul , 2016 by QBreaker


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