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How to use free classroom management software to help the students

In today’s society, there cannot be any question that technology has become a crucial part of our everyday life. The CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education, Don Knezek compares education without technology to the medical work without technology. Everyone wants educators to use technology in the classroom teaching course. However, you're busy -- meeting syllabus, prepping your students for exams -- and maybe you’re not kind of tech-savvy person, anyway. Never fear, QBreaker makes your work easier. Here are some of the easy ways to use technology in the classroom with the online classroom management software of QBreaker.

Teachers have to deal with multiple tasks at a time- maintaining syllabus, making question papers, correcting notes and exam papers, preparing results and tracking marks and at the same time preparing themselves for the class lectures- so many things to manage that they become puzzled and confused to finish all these on time. That is why; QBreaker brings them the facility of Slate. Slate is a high featured teaching tool to manage any kind of information or data safely and effortlessly, be it class attendance, notes, question papers, assignments, test results, class timetable or syllabus tracker. Besides, you don’t have to worry about how to use it, as it comes with user-friendly application which can be used by any person, even he/she don’t have much knowledge in technology.

  Group Discussion: Most of the intuitive teachers prefer interactive class which happens to be more effective for the students to understand critical subjects and vital issues. But if this interaction goes online, how about that? QBreaker brings forth the opportunity to connect with students online and join them in free group discussions, by which teachers can carry out their lessons further than the four walls of the classroom. Being the best classroom management application available online, QBreaker allows to join a large number of students, along with teachers, in its online group discussion sessions, setting up a space to collaborate with each other and a scope to act together to achieve a fundamental base of knowledge.   Q-A Session: Sometimes it is not being possible to address every sort of questions in the limited period of classroom. Teachers have to finish the syllabus, especially in the semester system, in which students have to appear in exam after every six months, meeting the syllabus end seems more difficult for the professors.

Online classroom management application for college teachers
is really helpful in this issue. QBreaker provides a separate section for the open Q-A session to address every kind of inquisition of the students. Thus, students do not have to wait for the next day classes; they can have the prompt answer in just a click. Likewise, teachers can bridge the gap between the two classes, ensuring the maximum clarity of the questions.        

Posted on 31 Mar , 2016 by QBreaker


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