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5 important job trends in 2016 what is next for hiring

As any corporate about its top challenges for 2016, most of them would say different things, but retaining talents are somewhere on the list. As technology continues to go forward, it plays an increasingly vital role in the way corporate approach the talent search and hiring procedure. Many people have set finding a new job as one of the New Year resolution in 2016. This article is especially dedicated to those aspiring people. Before determining your career goal and applying for a job interview keep the current job trends in minds and go ahead with your career.

Hiring is no more limited in technology and healthcare- Certainly the technology and healthcare sectors have rising opportunity both for the fresher and experienced, though thriving careers in the areas like marketing, sales, finance and transportation are also on the hype. Recent job market studies found that the top 10 growing occupations are software developers, network and computer system administrators, sales managers, marketing managers, financial managers, construction professionals, industrial engineers and nurses.

Great year for software developers- If you are a software developer then it will be the most promising year for you. Plenty of opportunity for new jobs and long-terms are booming on market; just search the suitable on and make the best out of it.

 Marketing manager becomes a tech job- Marketing management is the second highest volume job after the software development. Some of the highest growth tech companies have increasing needs for marketing managers, because of the rapid growth of digital customer advertising. Besides, it is the most challenging job than any other occupation. 

Hiring will be less on experience and more on potentials- In a gradually more tight job market finding good talent becomes less about what’s by now on the resume and more about how to zero-in on an applicant’s personality and natural elements. So, be prepare for the practical tests and intuitive interview process. · 
The hiring rate to see- The states in the Central Midwest, Southeast and Southcentral, and as well as the Mid-Atlantic will see the biggest uptick in hiring, as much as 40% increase from the last year. Additionally, regional employers will be increasing their hiring by the greatest percentage next year, near about 20% over 2015. Choosing a right profession is the most important thing of the career growth. It not just includes the interest and area of expertise of the job seeker, but also the ideal exposure and perfect scope for improvement. Make the right decision in the right time and you will rock the world. Best of luck!

Posted on 28 Mar , 2016 by QBreaker


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