About QBreaker

How It Started?

Fitting the Pieces Together

  As soon as the initiation stage got over, the masterminds became active and started working. They put their sleeves up, gathered their tools and started fitting the pieces together. Gathering study materials, finding roommates, asking questions, knowing teachers – they left no stones unturned in building the virtual forms of colleges from ground up.

Finally, QBreaker

  Finally, on the fine day of (date), QBreaker stood complete and ready-to-be-used. It was ready to connect colleges, teachers and students and make learning happen through its connected platform.

The Future Roadmap

  The future roadmap of QBreaker is all about improvising. A little bit of change every now and then is required by everyone and that is what will make users like it even more. Every now and then, users will be given pleasant surprises with new, addictive features and better designs. So, expect one anytime.

The Masterminds Behind QBreaker

Our Mission

  Mission of QBreaker is to empower knowledge with technology and to enrich teaching and learning experience of educators and young learners by providing a well-connected social LMS platform.

Our Vision

  QBreaker's vision is to become the world's best Learning Management System software and remain dedicated to enhance learning experience and globalize learning by connecting colleges.