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Controlling The Education System from the Influence of the Market

From the last few days, the intermediate topper scam has been the headlines in the educational news. The education system is being badly hampered by the growing influence of the market. The influential steps must be taken to stop these harmful consequences that are taking place in the education system of Bihar.

At a seminar organized in Patna, the Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia requested the people of Bihar to take responsibility for improving the educational system. “People from Bihar should come forward to solve the matter and save the education system” said by him.

In Delhi, the teachers are withdrawn from the non-teaching activities such as maintenance of school buildings and other activities to enhance the quality of the education. They have developed estate manager for each school to look after the non-teaching issues to minimize the burden of teachers.

The present education system educates on the principles on how to stop the social crises not on how to complement the social crises. The trends prevailing in the school should be replaced with the ancient principles followed by Nalanda or Vikramshila. One of the senior members of AAP said that the education system should be upgraded for learning and growth by dropping the active method of teaching. There is a lot of importance of comprehensive growth in India.

 In place of smart and independent individuals, the education system is developing resources and no individual likes to be used as a tool. These things lead to an imbalance in an individual and at the workplace which results in abrupt ending of life.  Mr. Sisodia says “Humans and resources are two different things and it should not be mingled up together”.

Posted on 22 Jun , 2016 by QBreaker


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