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Top 6 benefits of Learning Management System (LMS)

  Posted on 06 Oct , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Learning Management System (LMS) acts to be an important facet of the eLearning design and development process.   Are you still in the phase of deciding about whether to prefer an LMS or not? Here, are few reasons to convince to have a Learning Management System for every learning professional.1. One stop accessibility You can save your scattered eLearning content in one place or location rather than saving in different places such as hard drive and devices. This will prevent from losing data and allow access to any member of the eLearning team which creates an online collaboration.2. Unlimited access to study materials After uploading and publishing the course material of eLearning, the learner can easily access to the information as per the need. Learners can access the platform of eLearning available, on-the-go. You can stay connected through the devices such as smartphones and tablets.3. Easy to track learner performance The tools for analyzing and reporting are included in the LMS which helps to track down the progress of the learner and ensure the meeting of the performance milestone. Further, they can be provided with the additional resources to improve the performance or learning.4. Saves development costs Use of Learning Management System cuts the cost of the instructor’s travel, printed eLearning materials and online training websites rentals. The learners can perform the training online and this will help to reduce the cost of development and learning budget.5. Reduces learning time There is no need to sit down to attend the long online training course. LMS provides online modules in an organized way so that learners can absorb the knowledge in less time. The learners can assess their level of understanding by taking online examinations such as quizzes and taking part in interactive sessions. 6. Keeps you updated Regular changes occur in the field of Compliance laws which makes the process of updating difficult for a traditional course. However, the use of the corporate learning management system makes the method of updating easy and does in the fractions of seconds. Updating helps to avoid costly penalties and ensure that all the employees are updated equally about the expectations and policies of the company which will reduce the employee turnover rates. To reap the benefits, try to choose the ideal Learning Management System or LMS as per your needs and requirements. Take free trials, perform a research and consider the reviews before taking the final decision.

Educational Edition of Minecraft arrives in the month of November

  Posted on 26 Sep , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Minecraft’s Education Edition will be launching officially on November 1st, after many test runs. Once the platform goes live, a certain amount membership fees will be charged. Till November, the service of the Early Access Edition is free. At the beginning of the summer, over 35,000 teachers and students are joined in playing in Minecraft’s sandbox from all over the world, as per the Minecraft Edu Team. New education-focused feature like ‘Classroom Mode’ is built by the team, along with the official release. This offers a top to bottom view of the Minecraft world by using a companion app. Many features are available in the app for the teachers such as talking to students’ in-game, exchanging of items, management of world settings, teleporting the kids throughout the map from a single interface. Education edition will have many new features added, with the pace of time due to the as the evolution of Minecraft world. The educators are welcome to provide ideas, feedback and features. Get connected with other educators through the mentoring program. Teachers who have not yet stepped into the world of Minecraft’s blocks, have the option to go through the offers such as free lesson plans, storytelling, tutorials on subjects like storytelling, city building, etc on page. For the use of Minecraft: Education Edition you will require Windows 10 or OS X along with a free account of Office 365.

Reasons & Tips for choosing a Vocational School

  Posted on 30 Aug , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Not from today, it’s from the ancient times Vocational Education plays an imperative role in skilling the youth of India. To make a student resourceful in the sector of education and growth, Vocational training is a must factor. Just after passing out high school, numerous institutes  are available which offers vocational training to the young generation. The vocational training provides a student with good learning exposure and enhances the skill set which will help them in their future job. At times, the training acts as a backup of conventional college. There is no age limit for joining the course. It affects the nation’s economy by forming a workforce.Opt for a right Vocational school based on the criteria such asFocus on achieving resultsSearch for a part time jobFinding institute that fulfill your requirementGet a report on your financialKey Challenges for Vocational TrainingGiven training is of your choiceFor better service opportunities, the Vocational training courses are getting popular among the young people. The requisite of skilled trainers is required in the industry. The supply of the experts is fulfilled by the students who are seeking for higher education at senior secondary level because of the increased failure rate. Now, the training process doesn’t focus on education skills. Next, no private players are ready to support the training program. Prospect for skill up-gradation chances are less. Next, there is no such authenticate degree or certificate being delivered for an unorganized region. The one or two institutes that took the initiative to solve the problem, like ITC & ITI are not now updated anymore and skilled trainers, too, have reduced in numbers in your zone.  

Registration begins for CAT 2016 exam opens from August 8th

  Posted on 17 Aug , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments One of the well-recognized B-school, IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) conducts a Common Admission Test (CAT) for a seat in the management program. Though the test is conducted by IIMs but the test is validated by all the premier B-Schools which will be held on December 4th, 2016. From August 8th to September 22nd, the interested candidates can perform the online registration. The online payment mode is available for paying out the fees via Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. The issuance of the admit card will be from October 18th to December 4th. Across 138 cities, the examination test will be scheduled in two sessions each day. As per one the professor Mr. Bandi, Convener for CAT 2016 of IIM Bangalore, that the candidate will be provided with an option to select any four test cities in order of the preference. The entrance exam will have 3 sections i.e. Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension. Total time allotted for the test will be for 180 minutes (i.e. 60 minutes per section). This means that the students cannot skip between the sections until they complete a particular section. Few of the questions in each section will not be multiple choice instead the candidates have to write it on the screen. For computation purpose, the on-screen basic calculator will be allowed. A demo tutorial will be uploaded to the official website to give a preview of the test format to the students. In case, of any further assistance, candidates can call on 1800-266-3549 (From Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5.30 pm) or drop a mail at For general category students, the eligibility criterion for CAT is holding a Bachelor’s Degree with 50% marks or equivalent Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The declaration of the result will be done in the second week of January 2017. The second stage of selection will vary for each IIM. Overall the process will include a Written Ability Test, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.  

Position of Indian Universities in BRICS nation by QS

  Posted on 25 Jul , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments According to the 2016 ranking annual report of world universities in BRICS countries, India’s highest ranked university, the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore slips down by one place from last year’s ranking. Out of 10 universities, 6 of them have lost the positions. Whereas, India have gained a place in world universities ranking list and spread its claws by 17.6 % with the 250 universities in the nation. As per 2015 ranking list, India is having few universities in top 20. The most extensively read annual publication of universities across the world is published by Quacquarelli Symonds or QS for BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This year, the education analysts extended their survey up to 250 universities which in return showed an increment of the Indian Universities in the list.   As per the QS list of World University Ranking, India is holding 8 positions among the list of top 50 universities, after China (86), Russia (55) and Brazil (54). Last year, 15.5 was the percentage of the Indian Universities among 200. But this year, the percentage rose to 17.6 among 250 universities. The extended survey report proves the increasing strength and success of India. The score of India is above 90 for 12 universities and capable to competing with countries like Russia, China and Brazil.  The above statement was given by the head of research at QS. There are 21 Indian institutes who are awarded full marks for hiring PhD-qualified staff, as derived from the compiled data. The top 5 places are occupied by the institutions of China. This year, Delhi University (DU) climbed the ladder from 46th place to 41st place and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore dwelled in the 6th position. According to the latest QS University Rankings, the overall report gave a feedback of a sharp mount from 91st to 66th position.

Parents from Uttarakhand Gives Written Suggestion for the Education Bill

  Posted on 22 Jul , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Written recommendations are given by All Uttarakhand Parents Association (AUPA) to the education department for the proposed education bill. The parents association has demanded that the written suggestions are to be considered for the proposed educational bill on “private educational institutes’ admission, Complaint Redressal and fee regulation Act 2016” which will be passed in the cabinet. The department of education has to act as a regulatory body for private educational set ups in the state as insisted by the parents association. The parents association has decided to take a serious action in case if the regulatory body fails to pass the bill by the month of October then all the parent members of the union from every branch across the state will protest against the state government.The association has submitted around 20 demands in written form and need a member for representing the parent member in the regulatory body of private schools which will be soon set up as per the proposed bill.     The president of AUPA says “The domination of the few private schools is spoiling the name of the rest schools in the state. Many renowned schools are there in the capital city has in the country and act to be an educational hub. It is a high time that action must be taken as it was taken for controlling the fees structure of the private school”. Few demands that are claimed by the association of the parents for private schools are ·  Recruitment of the proper qualified and trained teachers ·Formation of Parents-Teacher Association as per RTE norms.Changing of textbooks the from the concerned school will not be allowed, only prescribed books are to be followed ·Fee structure can’t be changed every year and limit the donation at the time of admission·Developing a Complaint Redressal body for resolving the matters from school and parents side·Presentation of the balance sheet for audit in every year There are few  other demands that are yet to be addressed as per the regulation act of private educational institutes. Screening out the schools operating in damaged building or within high tension wires ·Setting up a science lab, library or computer lab is mandatory with the facility of clean drinking water or first aid. During an interview with the members of the Shiksha Swaraj Abhiyan, Harish Rawat (Chief Minister) have assured that the hegemony of the private schools will be  cleared as early as possible and the improvement of facilities are dedicatedly undertaken for government run schools.

Delhi NCR School Takes Initiative to Reformulate the Education System

  Posted on 19 Jul , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Few schools such as The Heritage, Pathways and Genesis Global have taken the first step for adventure-based learning with Youreka which is intended to build leadership attitudes and self-confidence. The above mention prestigious institutes are few of them who are growing with an axiom that students learn best on their own, if given a chance. With Youreka, the schools are going to conduct 3-5 day adventure based learning program for the students of class 4 to class 12. Program Purpose: ·    The schedule of the program contains a series of the outdoor tasks and individual & group activities which result in group sharing and self-reflection.The students can explore to work and lead others in a group, know social responsibility, turns out to be self-confident and disciplined. Founder and CEO of Youreka have said that nature plays an important part in our life, especially for a child growing up in the concretized environment. Near to nature can reduce stress, hyperactivity and increase energy and alertness which are a common problem in urban areas. Youreka’s four stage syllabus includes the following: For Delhi region, the camps are sited in wonderful areas of Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh for organizing the outdoor program. 1.       Phase I: “I am” – Focusing on the individual to know themselves better by getting an idea of their emotions and likes or dislikes. 2.       Phase II: “I feel” – Concentrate on how their relationships work for others and their view on working in a team. 3.       Phase III:  “I can” – Focusing, how can they help themselves to deal with their choices? And handling consequences and building skills 4.       Phase IV: “I will” – Make them teach how to take responsibilities and making decisions.There are various modules for every class as per the student’s requirement at a particular stage. Mainly it consists of self- awareness, teamwork, courage building, taking responsibilities, problem-solving skills, taking up targets etc. Youreka works with thousands of schools and students for empowering them to deal with real life problems.

Workload Management software Was Disclosed by IBM

  Posted on 12 Jul , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments IBM’s brand new product called Spectrum Computing which is known to be an intelligent resource and workload management software. The software is made to help the organization for extracting the valuable data which will help to  speed up the performance intensive analytics. For the cognitive features of the software, it boosts the existing computing resources for better utilization. The software assists an organization for sharing a resource on the cloud or hybrid environments as well as consolidation of data centre infrastructure. It can deliver up to 60% faster analytical results and can work with cloud applications and open source framework. This work is collaboratively developed over two years by the IBM Developers and clients for taking the analytics to the next generation. CIO, Red Bull Racing says “The workload management software will help to achieve good performance against our brilliant computing and data intensive applications. We can achieve more with little resources, infrastructure and administration”.    

Reasons for The Decline of The State-of-Education in India

  Posted on 09 Jul , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments According to a survey report conducted in Uttar Pradesh, the professors lack the basic knowledge of the subjects they teach at the college. If an Economics professor is not aware of the term ‘Audit’ then how can they teach at the college level course.On the other hand, the proof of the bleak condition of education in India is the case in Bihar where the Intermediate topper’s statement “political science is all about cooking” created a gaffe. An initiative is undertaken by the honorable Prime Minister to concede the various challenges in accompany with the Human Resource Development Ministry. A report is created with the details of the problems and included in the National Education Policy 2016 draft which explains the awful need to fix the problem. There are various reasons for the downfall of the state-of-education in the one of the majorly growing fastest economy. Highest in dropouts and Lowest in enrollment The percentage of the drop out case has reduced significantly as compared to the enrollment rates in the various levels of the education. The gross enrollment ratio in higher education is as low as 23.6% during 2014-2015. Despite India being one of the largest higher education systems in the world, it homes the highest number of illiterates. Deterioration of the quality The education system is always being criticized. It severely lacks implementation of practical knowledge based on the learning gained by the learner. According to the survey report of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), only 9%  of the colleges have A grade. As are the grading and assessment of the educational institution, around 91% falls either in the average or below average categories. Skill deficit With the growing economy, India suffers from skill deficit which affects the country. If we study the report given by the ministry then we can find out that many graduates and post-graduates do not get placed in their chosen fields. This results in unemployment and creates a huge talent gap. Back-dated curriculum The difference between what is taught and what’s needed in a rapidly changing world creates an outdated curriculum which is unsatisfactory. The present curriculum does not either foster uniqueness and  innovativeness nor does enable critical thinking and problem solving. Teachers or Instructor The training programs are insufficient and not equipped to resist the changes in the cultural, economic, social and technological environment. The initiatives are taken for the upliftment of the skills for teaching and research.Inclusion of the education  The education is still unreached to fewer sections of society. This is critical to think that male literacy rate is higher than the female literacy. Poor Governance  Schools can’t reach for the funds allotted to them which lead to inefficient management. Because in results in bad equipment and implementation of the policies. Insufficient research India has best engineers and scientists but it’s unfortunate that the universities are unable to multiply the number of talents and their research. Engaging with the international faculty may boost higher education in India and quality of research.

Translation of draft National Education Policy 2016

  Posted on 05 Jul , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments The draft National Educational Policy is to be translated in all languages by the center and to be put up on the website of the Union HRD ministry India. It was demanded by the Educationalists on June 30th and extending the deadline by six months for a response. Some of the inputs of the draft NEP 2016 for common school system should be converted in all Indian languages which are listed in the schedule VIII of the constitution, as said by General Secretary. He added more, by saying that a committee of educationists will be formed to draft the NEP including SC/ST, OBC, minorities, Women and DAP for representation from various states.  Teachers, students, parents and educational bodies are to take part in drafting the policy, as requested by the educationists to the Tamil Nadu government. 

For Ease of Work, Colleges are Picking up Administrative Software

  Posted on 28 Jun , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments In college, the central database system brings all non-teaching tasks under the roof called administrative software system. It is fast enough to handle multiple tasks at a single time and can be customized according to your requirements. It’s being used for tracking any desired information about both students and staffs.Today, software for administration is being used by many reputed colleges. This is an easy and secure system used by multi-users of a college. It saves the time of the staffs because with a single option you can view the details of the students such as photo identity, parent details, date of birth, etc. It provides you with the information of paid fees, report card, class strength, etc too. The software system for administration has wide ranges of functions starting from library management, cafeteria management, facility management, classroom management, etc. reports for various departments can be generated by the software solution. It helps to reduce the repeated task and the reports can be opened by using any standard format like PDF, Ms Word, etc.Online admission tests and application hurdle are controlled by the web-based system. The details of students staying at the hostel, room check-in and check-out, generation of reports for hotel occupancy and other hostel management are facilitated by the online software. The assignments, course syllabus, lesson plans and relevant books for the subject are maintained by the online software. It has an online notice board and news issue platform where a regular magazine and important notices are published.The online administrative software keeps a record of the payroll system of the staff and regularly reviews it. It has an employment information system from where you can get the details of the employees and it will help you in determining the performance of the staffs, too. Here, the teachers have limited permission because they can access to the teaching profile only, not to the administrative profile.   You can have the option of picking up for a trail run before purchase it for the college. So, procuring the right administrative system software will solve the problems. 

Controlling The Education System from the Influence of the Market

  Posted on 22 Jun , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments From the last few days, the intermediate topper scam has been the headlines in the educational news. The education system is being badly hampered by the growing influence of the market. The influential steps must be taken to stop these harmful consequences that are taking place in the education system of Bihar.At a seminar organized in Patna, the Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia requested the people of Bihar to take responsibility for improving the educational system. “People from Bihar should come forward to solve the matter and save the education system” said by him.In Delhi, the teachers are withdrawn from the non-teaching activities such as maintenance of school buildings and other activities to enhance the quality of the education. They have developed estate manager for each school to look after the non-teaching issues to minimize the burden of teachers.The present education system educates on the principles on how to stop the social crises not on how to complement the social crises. The trends prevailing in the school should be replaced with the ancient principles followed by Nalanda or Vikramshila. One of the senior members of AAP said that the education system should be upgraded for learning and growth by dropping the active method of teaching. There is a lot of importance of comprehensive growth in India. In place of smart and independent individuals, the education system is developing resources and no individual likes to be used as a tool. These things lead to an imbalance in an individual and at the workplace which results in abrupt ending of life.  Mr. Sisodia says “Humans and resources are two different things and it should not be mingled up together”.

How do special education students benefit from technology

  Posted on 16 May , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Students with autism, cerebral palsy, speech delays, and down syndrome have found innovative ways to express themselves; thanks to the technological advancement. Technology is utilized more in a special-education class, than in any other regular classroom setting, since all the diverse students and their learning requirements that need to be met so as to make edification successful for them. Most of the time people think that any kind of disorder is a mental illness, but it is a false notion. According to the psychologists near about 51% students (age 6-17) have specific learning disabilities. Most of the time they couldn’t rectify this kind of problems. Among them, 21% of students have speech or language impairments, whereas 8% students have emotional disorders. Only 8% students have serious disabilities, such as orthopedic impairments, multiple disabilities, autism, or traumatic brain injury. But those students can grow as rapidly as any other students. All they need is a bit of learning aids and technology provides them exactly what they want.For learners with little cognitive disabilities in reading, can use text-to-speech products, reading skill software, interactive storybooks, etc. For those with mild disabilities in writing, can use word prediction software and voice recognition. For the students with mild disabilities in maths, can also find a good result in using graphing software, games, drills and tutorials. There are some students, who have moderate to severe cognitive disabilities, for them, software aids teach and reinforce useful skills such as daily living, money-management, etc., videos enhance acquisition, transfer of useful and community-based behaviors and maintenance. For learners with physical disabilities may use alternative methods of accessing keyboard, monitor and mouse. Settle on the best placement of adaptive technology and teach the learners so they are allowed to access it independently. Monitor to make sure that the highest level of involvement is obtained with no undue physical demands. For learners with sensory disabilities like blindness, have extensive options to use canes and sensor technologies to understand movement, screen readers and text-to-braille converters. For visually challenged learners, may use built-in computer screen magnification control panels and Closed-Circuit Television magnification systems. For hearing impaired learners, assistive listening devices such as FM amplification systems are the best option. Though there are still challenges and problems, the positives undeniably outweigh the difficulties, giving learners access and use of technical devices, just as the students in a regular classroom. Technology enhances their independence of reading, writing and learning, teaching them the basic communication skills that they are going to need for the rest of their career and beyond. Above all, the technology brings back the hope to include them in mainstream, ravelling the chunk opportunities in front of them. 

Why is Information Technology so Important for College Education

  Posted on 30 Apr , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments With rapid growth in information technology, most college and university students insist more utilization of IT in the structure of education for mainly two basic reasons: firstly, it helps the study material be presented in a more intelligible and simple way; secondly, it enables acquaintance with the high-tech tools they might likely to use in their career prospects after completing graduation. Let’s discuss this matter more specifically. Variety of educational resources: Information technology enables students to avail academic information at any time they want. Both professors and learners utilize IT to acquire and exchange study material. For an instance, professors can easily deliver audio and visual classes to their pupil using computers and internet connections. This breaks the limits of accessing information, since it facilitates students with online lectures where they do not have to present in the classroom. The professor can allocate projects and assignments to the students via electronic devices, campus educational forums or emails.   Pedagogy: Information technology enhances the capability for tailoring instruction for individual learners and monitoring students’ performance to access lessons efficacy.    Any time learning: Unlike in the earlier period when learning was restricted to a college classroom, students and professors could only avail course materials while at college. Nowadays, all that has evolved, a learner will avail materials at any given time. It provides the students 24 hours supports. IT has facilitated online learning, so you can find a student in Africa studying the same course as the learners in USA or India. This unified system offers equal treatment in case of placement and jobs as well. Collaboration: By the means of information technology students and teachers can collaborate with each other outside the classroom, creating a harmonious learning system, cooperating with each other in a large extent. This new level of coordination helps to take the best of a student triggers the curiosity and the urge to know more. Group study: Information technology aids students study in groups and be taught in groups by the expert teachers. In previous days, we used to have group discussions at college, which needed each member to have a say, conversely, the shy students could fail to attend these groups since they had the fear of expressing themselves. At present, with information technology, colleges and universities have formed academic forums; wherein the students can talk about about a specific topic without any fear of expression. Herein students can also engage in text chatting and videos as well.   The academic world is evolving as the contemporary world continues to grow. With so much advancement happening, it’s vital that education be able to reach learners in new ways, so that the learners can prepare for the opportunities. Students of today’s generation are the inventors, leaders, teachers, doctors and industrialists of the future. So, they need newest things to develop personally and professionally.  

6 Simple Task Management Tips for College Students

  Posted on 20 Apr , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments With exams approaching to the college door, you should be thinking about how to find better task management tips and organize your schedule so you can hit the proper balance between home, work and college life. By taking the time to set up your priorities, you can confer yourself the best possibility of staying on track and prearranged during the exam phase, which consecutively can help reduce stress that can make the difference between success and failure at college.The first stage of recuperating your task is to list absolutely everything that you have to do. This may sound quite obvious; however, speaking from experience, most of the students tend to put down important tasks until the final minute that can crash on the quality of projects and their overall performance. Create a convenient timetable taking in all the projects and assignments you have to do. Preferably take the help of a task management application available online. That will help you to jot down your works.Be flexible, but at the same time realistic about what you want to do. On average, allow yourself around 8-10 hours a day for studying, working, socializing and anything in addition you need to do. As a full-time learner, you’re expected to devote minimum 35 hours a week to the college studies, counting the time you spend in seminars, lectures and classes. The best thing you can do with your study is to register in QBreaker, an immensely helpful task management software in India, providing vivid aid to learning and task and assignment management. The most useful part of QBreaker is it connects you with teachers and fellow students setting up a scope of online interaction. At the same time, it ensures the availability of study material along with necessary news and information about entrance, competitive exams, jobs and placements. Group study is another helpful method to learn faster than you think and if it is arranged in an online network, which QBreaker actually do, then nothing like it. Joining group discussions and Q-A sessions on this task and assignment management software for college students can increase the learning acquisition power of the learners.  Taking the time to plan, research, and think about your task to do is essential for good task management. Allow yourself the time to develop new information and sketch how you are going to utilize it, as this can help out you to keep away from having to re-read and repeat any study.  Apart from the motivation and concentration, which you need to accomplish your task, online application could be a good option for taking aid. With online task-management tools, you can arrange tasks, collaborate in real-time, access your data and information across multiple mobile devices or computers, and much more. So it’s better to choose an app and go ahead with your learning.     

How to Learn the Native Language While Studying in Abroad

  Posted on 13 Apr , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments So you’ve determined to study abroad in a place thousands of miles away from your home, and you can’t speak a single word of the native tongue. First of all the good news is you’re not the first one who chose this path. There are so many people who studied in abroad, doing jobs and even making homes. The only solution of this problem is to learn a new language.Build self confidence: The first and foremost thing for learning a new language is to believe that you can learn. You have to build up the confidence that you have the ability to adopt new culture and as well as adopt a new language. It is utterly a psychological factor, but it is something that you must have to attain at first. Start learning before leaving: It is best to start exploring the language before leaving the country. Make sure yourself that a language problem does not spoil the excitement of the new arrival. Watch foreign films: Language classes are necessary indeed, but I’ll specially recommend you to watch films in that language. Films are not just a doorway to attain the very language, but it also represents the culture of that particular country. It can be useful to bring forth a fair introduction of their culture, society, food habits, rituals and many other significant things that you should know before going to that state.Continue learning: Do not stop the language learning process even after reaching the abroad. You may continue with reading the local newspaper regularly, visiting to market and attending parties to interact with people. Try to avoid the international language and make your conversation in the local language. Short sentences: At first, start with small and simple sentences. Always keep the thing in mind that you are not expected to speak fluently as you are from the other country. Everyone knows it. So don’t be ashamed of incorrect pronunciation and faulty grammar.Lean basic statements: There are always some basic statements, which we have to use in ordinary interaction. Learn those basic things at first, like asking someone for an address, introducing yourself as a student, answering someone about your country and background. For an instance, ‘I’m from Denver’ is in Spanish will be like that ‘soy de Denver’. I mean this kind of basic ones. Do not lose hope: Lastly and perhaps most importantly, do not lose hope to learn a new language. Sometimes it will be too tough, and sometimes it will be frustrating. But at the end you must have success. So, keep trying. The world famous linguistic philosopher Noam Chomsky believes that we all have a common grammatical faculty within ourselves. He named it Universal Grammar (UG), which is intrinsic and invariable to human minds. We can learn foreign languages with the help of our UG faculty. So, it’s possible. Go ahead with your language learning.      

What is Flipped Classroom and Its Importance over College Education

  Posted on 09 Apr , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Flipped learning revolves the standard teaching form on its head. The idea is that learners learn new things beyond the classroom, usually with online applications and then tackle projects and assignments in lessons, giving educators more time to help the students with phases they don't understand.What is Flipped Classroom? Of the many rising techniques for integrating tech and digital educational system into the classroom, the flipped classroom is one of the most successful processes recognized by the educators all over the world. A flipped classroom is an educational environment where students learn new subjects on their own by accessing video lectures or other online resources and assigned problems are completed in class with professors offering personalized supervision as an alternative of stereotyped lectures. Fundamentally the classroom has been flipped from a conventional learning setting.Benefits of Flipped Classroom: Students can have maximum control over lessons: In a flipped classroom, it is possible for a learner to have better input and control over his/her own lessons. By offering compact lectures at home, learners are given the autonomy to learn at their own courses.Develop analytic study: learners may pause or rewind the lectures, jot down the questions they may have, take notes, write down the important points and discuss them further with their professors and peers in class. This type of analytical study is far more effective than classroom lectures; it helps to build up better understanding, enhances the critical power among college students. Boost students’ engagement: Student centric education enhances the students’ engagement in learning, endorses active participation, which was severely lake in the traditional learning environment. Scope of self evaluation: The flexible approach of this educational technology makes a huge space for self evaluation, providing a scope for rectification, modification and improvement. While classroom lecture ends in a very short period, students can carry over their lessons in their home. Repeated learning stretches the probability of critical thoughts and self evaluation. No chance to miss the lesson: By making video lectures and seminars available at any time online, students who are required to miss class due to illness, family problems, vacations, sports or other emergencies, can catch up fast. This also gives the professors more flexibility when they themselves are ill or out of station for crucial reason and also eliminates make-up projects and assignments. The cause Flipped Learning makes professors more precious is that it transforms the dynamic of the college classroom.No longer is study material delivery the focal point of the class, nor is the professor’s chief responsibility the sharing of knowledge. Instead, professors take on the responsibility of a facilitator of education.  It enables them to work together with the students in small groups and have more one-to-one interactions.            

Kolkata Flyover Collapsed 25 killed and Several Injured

  Posted on 01 Apr , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Kolkata had experienced a dreadful day yesterday, 31st March. From morning it was a normal day like any other month ends. People were rushing towards office; students were hurrying for their schools- the city picture is as same as every day. But on the mid-noon the city of joy shivered with terror and ear-splitting sound of explosion. One of the under-construction flyovers of Kolkata had been collapsed. It was the Vivekananda Setu. It happened near the famous Ganesh Talkies in north Kolkata's Girish Park area. Those who know the area can imagine how crowded it is. There are a range of shops, office, and market place in this area, generally over flooded with working class people. At first near about 500 people were trapped under the debris, including personal cars, cabs and some minibuses too. Uncountable people were severely injured and taken to the hospital, among few of them were declared as dead. Officially 25 people are declared dead, though there are still a large number of people are trapped under the bridge. The central rescue team is working on the situation. The police have sealed the Kolkata office of IVRCL Infrastructure, the implementing organization of Kolkata’s Vivekananda Road Flyover. Previously, the Kolkata police had lodged an FIR with charges of murder against this Hyderabad-based company, whose chief articulated the mishap as an “act of God”. The investigating team, recruit by the government, has found that the IVRCL so far has been blacklisted twice. Now the question is who will take the responsibility of this mishap? Unofficially, it is stated that near about 200 hundred people have been killed due to this accident. Most of them are young workers, women and children. Social media is flooded with heartfelt condolence. Young students are arranging blood donation camp to help the wounded. Kolkata civilians are working hand in hand with the central rescue team to speed up the rescue operation. It seems, maybe we are diverse in political opinion, cultural perception and believes, our hearts beat together. Maybe there is a bit of humanity left apart from the political quarrel and communal debates.                      

How to use free classroom management software to help the students

  Posted on 31 Mar , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments In today’s society, there cannot be any question that technology has become a crucial part of our everyday life. The CEO of the International Society for Technology in Education, Don Knezek compares education without technology to the medical work without technology. Everyone wants educators to use technology in the classroom teaching course. However, you're busy -- meeting syllabus, prepping your students for exams -- and maybe you’re not kind of tech-savvy person, anyway. Never fear, QBreaker makes your work easier. Here are some of the easy ways to use technology in the classroom with the online classroom management software of QBreaker. Slate: Teachers have to deal with multiple tasks at a time- maintaining syllabus, making question papers, correcting notes and exam papers, preparing results and tracking marks and at the same time preparing themselves for the class lectures- so many things to manage that they become puzzled and confused to finish all these on time. That is why; QBreaker brings them the facility of Slate. Slate is a high featured teaching tool to manage any kind of information or data safely and effortlessly, be it class attendance, notes, question papers, assignments, test results, class timetable or syllabus tracker. Besides, you don’t have to worry about how to use it, as it comes with user-friendly application which can be used by any person, even he/she don’t have much knowledge in technology.   Group Discussion: Most of the intuitive teachers prefer interactive class which happens to be more effective for the students to understand critical subjects and vital issues. But if this interaction goes online, how about that? QBreaker brings forth the opportunity to connect with students online and join them in free group discussions, by which teachers can carry out their lessons further than the four walls of the classroom. Being the best classroom management application available online, QBreaker allows to join a large number of students, along with teachers, in its online group discussion sessions, setting up a space to collaborate with each other and a scope to act together to achieve a fundamental base of knowledge.   Q-A Session: Sometimes it is not being possible to address every sort of questions in the limited period of classroom. Teachers have to finish the syllabus, especially in the semester system, in which students have to appear in exam after every six months, meeting the syllabus end seems more difficult for the professors. Online classroom management application for college teachers is really helpful in this issue. QBreaker provides a separate section for the open Q-A session to address every kind of inquisition of the students. Thus, students do not have to wait for the next day classes; they can have the prompt answer in just a click. Likewise, teachers can bridge the gap between the two classes, ensuring the maximum clarity of the questions.        

5 important job trends in 2016 what is next for hiring

  Posted on 28 Mar , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments As any corporate about its top challenges for 2016, most of them would say different things, but retaining talents are somewhere on the list. As technology continues to go forward, it plays an increasingly vital role in the way corporate approach the talent search and hiring procedure. Many people have set finding a new job as one of the New Year resolution in 2016. This article is especially dedicated to those aspiring people. Before determining your career goal and applying for a job interview keep the current job trends in minds and go ahead with your career.Hiring is no more limited in technology and healthcare- Certainly the technology and healthcare sectors have rising opportunity both for the fresher and experienced, though thriving careers in the areas like marketing, sales, finance and transportation are also on the hype. Recent job market studies found that the top 10 growing occupations are software developers, network and computer system administrators, sales managers, marketing managers, financial managers, construction professionals, industrial engineers and nurses.Great year for software developers- If you are a software developer then it will be the most promising year for you. Plenty of opportunity for new jobs and long-terms are booming on market; just search the suitable on and make the best out of it. Marketing manager becomes a tech job- Marketing management is the second highest volume job after the software development. Some of the highest growth tech companies have increasing needs for marketing managers, because of the rapid growth of digital customer advertising. Besides, it is the most challenging job than any other occupation.  Hiring will be less on experience and more on potentials- In a gradually more tight job market finding good talent becomes less about what’s by now on the resume and more about how to zero-in on an applicant’s personality and natural elements. So, be prepare for the practical tests and intuitive interview process. ·        The hiring rate to see- The states in the Central Midwest, Southeast and Southcentral, and as well as the Mid-Atlantic will see the biggest uptick in hiring, as much as 40% increase from the last year. Additionally, regional employers will be increasing their hiring by the greatest percentage next year, near about 20% over 2015. Choosing a right profession is the most important thing of the career growth. It not just includes the interest and area of expertise of the job seeker, but also the ideal exposure and perfect scope for improvement. Make the right decision in the right time and you will rock the world. Best of luck!

5 Benefits of use College Management Software

  Posted on 28 Mar , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Times are swiftly changing. Educational institutes across the globe are full in action to rearrange their management systems and administrative coordination, because like other sectors the academic sector is engulfed too in the economic and social whirlwind. In any college and university the administrators have to manage different section, either related to the management system or related to the students and teachers’ issues. So creating a good administration is not an easy task to do. Here a perfect college management system would have been helpful to the students, teachers and college administration as well. At first, let’s start with the benefits of college management system- • Unified system for call faculties and departments: Online college management software can coordinate and integrate every faculty and department of the college, which is the first and foremost requirement of all college administrative systems. In spite of having different working system, this software will introduce an online platform to unite each unite of the organization, where each of them can work together in a simplified manner. • Power to management system: It gives a power to the management system to have a grip over the entire students, teachers and staffs, thus can uphold powerful administrative authority over the college. • A virtual way of interaction: Online connection and collaboration initiate virtual interaction among the students, teachers and college administration. Thus the college management system can easily address the needs and requirements of the students and teachers. Therefore, there will be no miscommunication over the management system and students can everything whatever they required for their learning development and success. Now, here are the benefits of the teachers, if their college administration uses a management software- • Easy maintenance of information: Advanced technological tools of a management software can help the teachers to manage information like class attendance, timetables, exam results, question papers, and course syllabus. • Effective teaching: As technology attracts the new generation, teachers can effectively teach in the classroom by using online teaching tools and can communicate with students apart from the class hours. Now, last and not the least, the benefits for students-• Enhance interaction with teachers- Effective college administration software can provide a room to interact with teachers more freely and communicate with them online to solve the educational problems then and there. • Access to the college information: Here information stands for any kind of information, be it class timetable, exam notice, syllabus, course material, results, seminar dates or information about college holidays. These are only a few advantages that can be obtained through a college management software. But if you really want to know about all the benefits then you must have to apply it in your college. Empower your college management system with the online application and straighten your administration.  

Boost Your College Infrastructure with QBreaker

  Posted on 18 Feb , 2016 by QBreaker No Comments Every college environment depends on the educational quality and powerful infrastructure of administration. But the old methods and systems are not sufficient to create a good environment for your college. Classroom lectures, seminars, libraries and academic publications are undoubtedly essential for good administrative foundation. But today you need more than that to rank high on the assessment of NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council). If you have a good system of e-learning, you can get more points from NAAC and get higher grades, which can boost the academic status of your educational institute. If you are still struggling with an e-learning system, then you are advised to register your college in QBreaker, which could have been the best educational software for your college. NAAC encourages tech-mediated learning system because it is the most advanced form of education in all over the world. QBreaker is an online connected learning platform which connects students and teachers with a single foundation, so that they can interact with each other and have question-answer sessions and group discussions which they can’t have in the limited period of class. Young and talented researchers can share their researcher problems and get useful suggestions from the teachers and fellow students. With the help of this software you can get useful and valuable feedback from both the students and teachers. Feedbacks are necessary for the development of any institution. You can easily follow the needs and requirements of the students; for this you don’t have to go through any stereotyped lengthy survey work. It will save more time, so that students can have quick solutions from administration. This is not just a simple learning software for college purpose, as it contains all the information about placement, jobs, competitive exams, entrance tests and many more. You can put here your college transport information to help the new students. Not only that, here you can have a contact directory to manage your contacts easily. Here you can have systematic updates about your college students and teachers who use the application of QBreaker.Give up the old ideas and adopt the technological advancement to improve your college infrastructure. Make your college a smart college with the help of QBreaker. Unite your college departments in a single platform and make available all the information to your teachers and students. Transparency is the best policy to lead a successful system. Thus, we can satisfy your existing students and teachers and can attract more and more students to get admission in your college.