Core features of QBreaker

Integration of technology with education offers multiple benefits to colleges, teachers and students alike. QBreaker gives all those benefits to colleges through its five intuitive features. With our multipurpose college management software, users can do many other things than just achieving their didactic goals. Teaching, learning, organizing, socializing, exploring, and trading – all these things can be done through a singular platform.

This is an exclusive zone of QBreaker that eliminates the need to scamper around for notes and other course materials. Using this portal, teachers and students can manage, share and access course lectures, materials and other important information. To ensure safety, QBreaker empowers teachers to restrict access to course materials and other shared information.


  Slate is a modern day concept that empowers educators with digital tools to manage information safely. These digital tools can easily be blended with traditional teaching methods, system and procedure of any college to provide anytime-anywhere access to the following resources:

  • Notes
  • Assignments & Question Papers
  • Exam Results
  • Class Attendance
  • Class Timetable
  • Exam Schedule
  • Course syllabus
  • Syllabus Tracker

College Notice Board

  The College Notice Board works exactly like the traditional notice board of colleges, except you don't have to walk all the way to the board. It is such university software which keeps the students and teachers all-time informed about imperative college information.

Department Notice Board

  The Department Notice Board works just like College Notice Board, except that information updated in it is related to specific departments. It makes easier for students and teachers to check important information related to their respective departments.

Research and Thesis

  This knowledge management software allows teachers to update about their research and thesis. Here, they can also find intellectual students who are looking forward to assist them in their research work. For students, it presents a wonderful opportunity to enhance their knowledge base by working with their mentors.

Entrance and Competitive Exam

  It's a daunting task to run around for collecting information about entrance exams. This online examination and assignment software will bring you all needed information right at your fingertips. Teachers will keep updating their students about upcoming entrance exams and other related information with those exams.

Engage lives up to its name as it is packed with applications that will keep you engaged for hours. This section encloses intriguing tools with which students and teachers can spend quality hours browsing, reading and interacting of course. Wondering how? Here's how you will do it.

Q and A

  Have queries? Why wait for your next class to get it solved when you can do so instantly? Q & A is an exclusive web application where students can get their queries solved by teachers or other fellow students. Just put anything that's on your mind, and you'll be amazed how much you can learn with just a question.

Group Discussion

  Group Discussions is the feature that enables Q Breaker users to indulge in some healthy discussions on a variety of topics. Its innovative mechanism allows users to participate in ongoing discussion topics related to current affairs on a single knowledge sharing platform. This feature will also help a user to find and connect with people with similar interests.

News and Magazine

  This section is meant for passionate readers who are keen on keeping themselves updated with the latest news and current affairs. Just select your favourite newspaper or magazine and next time you log in, all interesting news are ready to be clicked and read.

Just like Explore, Connect also lives its name by allowing teachers and students to stay connected to each other in a single connected learning platform. But the best part of using this section is that you can do much more than just connecting with your faculties at personal level.

Contact Directory

  Contact Directory is like a virtual directory that assists in obtaining valid contact details of students and college professors available on Q Breaker.


  With this feature, a Q Breaker user can share documents, files and any information with their college buddies and teachers.

Social Network

  College days are certainly the best days of your life. You can double the fun by socializing with massive number of students and sharing your social life with them. Additionally, this feature is helpful in balancing informal-formal relationships with your teachers and senior students.

Students are always in fear of missing out on campus recruitments. But now, you can break free from those fears as Explore in Q Breaker keeps you updated on campus placements. Furthermore, this connecting learning software is equipped with tools that help freshers to find transport to college.

Jobs and Placements

  This feature focuses exclusively on updating students with campus recruitments so that they don't miss out on career opportunities. It also eases the task of placement cells of notifying students.

College Transport

  This web application acts as virtual help desks that assist students in finding a suitable means of transport. It shows you how quickly you can reach your college from your location.

Travel and Tourism

  If you are looking for ways to make your vacations interesting, then here's where you should be. You can also share your memorable experiences with others and help them to make theirs memorable too.

Transact is a mini eCommerce platform meant exclusively for students. Whether you need to swap or buy things, or get rid of old things, transact is a place where you can do all these. Plus, it also provides a platform where you can share your interesting ideas with other masterminds.

Swapping and Sharing

  This intuitive knowledge sharing software allows all Q Breaker users, irrespective of their colleges, can exchange their needful with users of other colleges. Q Breaker users can post free classifieds for:

  • Swapping or exchanging various ranges of physical products like used household goods, old books, etc.
  • Sharing of ideas, skills, accommodations, etc.