QBreaker: Connected Learning Platform

Connected Learning Platform

  Connected learning is a new concept, introduced in 21st century to enhance the opportunity of learning more than ever. It embraces the concept of uniting students and teachers in a single network, provides a space to communicate and collaborate over the web. Now the question is why connected learning is so important? Some certain facts and statistics can clarify it.

  • 91% of higher education students cited email as a method of seeking extra help from the college teachers.
  • 70% of the college students said they use keyboards rather than paper to take notes.
  • Furthermore, 65% of them said they use digital devices to prepare presentations and assignments.
  • 92% of the college students report going online almost every day. They use social media not just for fun, but also they use it as an effective means of communication and connection.
  • 71% of students use more than one social networking site.

  This above statistics show the keen interest of young generation to connect with each other, to collaborate over the web, and to be associated with the like-minded people. A connected learning platform specifically satisfies these requirements of a student, so that he/she can achieve the best thing in career. QBreaker’s connected learning software unites students and teachers belong to the same college, so that they can interact, make useful group discussions, online Q-A sessions and many other things beyond the four walls of classroom. In this course, students can-

  • Connect with teachers anytime, anywhere,
  • Access study materials online,
  • Ask questions or any kind of enquiry over the web,
  • Solve problems by discussing with the specialized teachers
  • Share views over multiple subjects and have useful suggestions,
  • Have any kind of necessary information, be it college and departmental notice board, job or placement.

For the above reasons, young students are increasingly interested joining QBreaker. They found it effective, useful and fun too.