21st century’s most innovative knowledge sharing platform: QBreaker

knowledge sharing platform


According to the ISTE survey, 50% of students, age between 10-18, go online for homework help, at least once in a week, whereas 75% of the students, age between 5-7, play educational games on a daily basis. So the young generation is getting more and more tech-savvy, even in the field of education.

When it comes to the higher education, learning without technology seems unimaginable and one the most important parts of learning has been knowledge sharing. Here QBreaker appears as the best option for all the college students and teachers as well.

  • It provides the most innovative platform to share knowledge, information, ideas and though to other fellows and teachers.
  • Daily interaction enhances knowledge and develops subject understanding, thus improves the learning ability of a student.
  • The more information you get, the more you will shine in your career.
  • Regular practice of sharing knowledge helps to develop effective study groups which are the best way to learn, according to many specialized educators.
  • Healthy conversations and group discussions generate intuitive ideas and develop analytic power of a student.
  • Scholars can share their research problems and get worthy suggestions and advice.

QBreaker aims to develop a knowledge sharing culture among young learners and educators. Our vision is to become the best knowledge sharing software and provide the students the best possible online learning environment to encourage them to grow personally and professionally.