Introducing the Knowledge Management Software- QBreaker

Knowledge Management Software

  Knowledge management software offers real benefits for students and teachers and college as a whole. It endeavours knowledge sharing, information gathering and empowering the study groups with effective solutions to any kind of academic problem. It helps to enhance knowledge and ensures long-term growth through knowledge creation and collaborative innovation. Online knowledge management application is a huge and important global industry with yearly spending amounts in the trillions of dollars that it can be predicted that the online education market size of India, is set to grow $ 40 billion by 2017, whereas it is $ 20 billion at present. Beyond 35 crore enrolments in schools are expected by 2018. QBreaker is the most effective knowledge management system available online for intuitive college students and professors, as it connects learners and educators belong to the same college, so that they can interact and collaborate with each other, apart from the limited period of the classroom. Here teachers can manage all the necessary information safely, be it attendance, test results, notes, assignments, question papers, course syllabus, or exam schedule with the high technological tool of Slate. Besides, it provides 24*7 accessibility of study material to ensure the maximum success of the students and help them by bringing out a huge space for online group discussions and Q-A sessions with specialized teachers.