Empower administration with college management system software

college management software


India has one of the largest educational systems all over the world with a network of more than 1 million schools and 18,000 colleges and universities. Interestingly, more than half of the country’s 1.2 billion population goes down in the target market of education and learning related fields. It is expected that the online education market size of India, is set to increase in $ 40 billion by 2017, whereas it is $ 20 billion at present. More than 35 crore enrollments in schools are expected by 2018.

Among this huge number of educational institutes, most of the lot cannot imagine to lead the administrative system with the help of technology. These are the reasons-

  • Technology manages to do what the human’s cannot do. It simplifies the work of managements and straightens the college administration.
  • Online tools make easy to arrange data and information methodically.
  • It boosts up administrative works faster than ever.

The college management application of QBreaker adds something more to it. Following are the features of QBreaker:

  • It unites the entire college, including students and teachers, in an online platform.
  • By using this application, students and teachers can post their needs and leave valuable feedback.
  • With the help of the Contact Directory, the admin can have all the contact details of the users that are securely enrolled.
  • QBreaker provides a separate section to upload the college and department notification, so that every student and teacher can get the right information in right time.
  • It has an additional provision to post the details of the college transport system, in order to help the newcomers.
Besides, it comes with a free demo. Register in this administrative software application and feel the radically different experience.